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Rates & Insurance

We have adjusted our policy on insurance so that we can better serve you!


As of June 1st, 2019 this office will no longer accept insurance. We will be a 100% cash-pay office.

The good news is that high-quality, low-cost acupuncture treatments are available and always will be! Please contact the office for details about rates! 415-630-5322


Please read on for more about the adjustment in our insurance policy-

Health insurance is set up as a contract between you “the patient” and insurance. Patients, or as I like to call them, “people”, are often beholden to this contract and limited to a network of providers and/or a system that focuses solely on “sick care.” 

This contract is an agreement. It says that when you see a provider of care (MD, etc…) the health insurance company will help you pay for your appointments/sick care. But the insurance company will only help you pay for your care as long as that care is deemed “medically necessary.”  This means that your scope of care is being dictated by a for-profit company that at this juncture in time, does not allow payments to Licensed Acupuncturists or other “alternative” care clinicians outside of a very limited scope.

Health Insurance: Mostly Just 3rd Party Interference with Real Care

The aim of this clinic and a guiding principle that I have in my professional life as a functional medicine clinician and acupuncturist, is to give care that meets the following core values-

To uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

To treat the entire person in a holistic manner by reviewing all relevant systems.

To work to discover hidden blockages to healing.

We create a personalized action plan to get you not only feeling better, but living with optimal health and feeling amazing!

To create a working and transformational partnership with all patients who walk through the door.


These core principles are the product of a good relationship between clinician and patient. We work together to achieve these goals because we want results!


Results, Not Rigmarole!


Health insurance companies do not have these goals as their guiding principles. In fact, they often work against these goals in the context of preventative and holistic care. They are a third-party that often interferes with the relationship between clinician and patient by only covering a limited number of visits for a limited number of issues.

A transformational partnership between clinician and patient is what gets results. Because we want the best results for every person, we will not be working with or relying upon a third-party who dictates care. Over the years, it has become clear that some of the health insurance companies and secondary payers they enlist to pay out claims actively interfere with patient care by withholding and stalling treatments through administrative rigmarole and/or payments due.

We understand that health insurance is a necessary part of how healthcare is structured in the U.S. For many people, it is the only way to access care. But don’t worry. We can discuss rates and create a plan for those who are financially sensitive. Please call the office for more information! 415-630-5322

Thank you for your understanding!