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Traditional Asian Medicine

Acupuncture is a body-wide therapeutic technique developed in Asia’s traditional societies over the course of 5,000 years. It involves the use of hair-fine needles that are placed into specific points on the body that have been documented and catalogued to have certain therapeutic effects. Acupuncture was used for a wide variety of disorders in traditional times. From malaria to tuberculosis to hernias. However, today, acupuncture is mostly known for its pain-reducing effects. It is also used effectively to promote hormonal regulation and to help guide immune regulation.

Other therapeutic techniques included in the Traditional Chinese paradigm include cupping and moxa. Cupping is the use of glass suction cups to move blood to the surface of the body to promote circulation. Moxa is the strategy of placing a warm herb, usually mugwort, upon the area of a point. While acupuncture is the most well-known of these techniques, each of them has their strengths.

Herbal medicine and nutritional support are also a large part of the medicine.

Each person has their own set of health issues. The goal of treatment is to identify these issues and work on getting to the root of what is happening for each person. In order to do this, Amy also employs the use of more modern biomedical approaches. For instance, lab work is sometimes used to uncover inflammatory conditions and/or nutritional deficiencies.

The integrative approach honors the traditional and natural systems as well as utilizes modern techniques. Amy believes that not one philosophy of health is truest or best. She believes in thorough investigation, asking the right questions and employing the best technique for each individual.

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